US Cabling pros provides professional onsite network voice and data cabling services nationwide. While we have an industry standard time and material billing process, we realize that it’s always nice to have an estimate or a estimate in hand prior to performing medium to large scale voice and data cabling installations. US Cabling Pros provide customized estimates upon request, and the basic non site survey estimates are always FREE. These estimates can easily be used for costing and purchase order approval for new large construction jobs, and can also be used for forecasting the pricing for a much needed upgrade to any current voice and data network infrastructure. If at any time you have any questions or concerns, you may call us at (859) 780-3061.

Before You Begin:

Before you begin the process of requesting a estimate, there are some basic planning tasks that you will need to complete to get us the necessary information to provide an accurate estimate. Since our billing is basic time and material, we will need to be able to calculate the approximate amount of time and material that will be needed for the job. To do this, we rely on you to have certain basic information available, and to have the necessary fields in our estimate form filled out to collect that information. Please see the below list of information we will need to process your FREE estimate:

  1. Your Name, Email, Phone, and Company Name.
  2. Subject of the Quote: For instance “New Network Install”, “Pull 20 New Drops”, “Install New Network Rack”, etc.
  3. Additional Details: A Detailed Description of the Request. Please include any details that you have including any current network infrastructure that new cabling will need to interface with (patch panels, rack, etc.), or if you will need new infrastructure hardware provided with the cabling estimate.
  4. Marked Up Site Map: Please Find or Create a Floor Map with the Drop Locations Clearly Marked. Map Should Also Include Location of Network Area, and Length and Width of Building for Determining Cabling Lengths. You may upload gif,png,jpg,jpeg or pdf up to 3mb.
  5. Ceiling & Wall Type: This will help us determine the effort and material it will take to complete the request as specified.

Not all of these are necessary to simply request a broad scale scope estimate, however, the more information we have to determine time and materials, the more accurate the estimate will be to the final price of the job. If you don’t have any of this information, or only have a few items and we feel we are unable to generate an accurate estimate based on the information provided, that is ok, we also offer a billable site survey estimate and we can get that onsite survey scheduled for you quickly.

Quote FAQ:

How Long Will it Take to Receive My Quote? Most estimates are generated the same day they are received. We may also reach out to you directly if we need clarification on any items prior to generating the estimate.

Is a Quote Exactly What the Job Will Cost? This is a very common question and the short answer is unfortunately no. Since every site is different and we cannot predict obstructions in walls, ceilings or potential delays at the site, we can only provide best case scenario quoting based on our years of experience doing voice and data cabling. Occasionally, a site may run over the estimated price due to unforeseen circumstances, however, we do our best to mitigate delays and overcome obstacles quickly and professionally. On the upside, our estimates have shown to be accurate roughly 95% of the time. Since we provide not only the technicians at the site, but also project managers for every job, we maintain a high level of communication at all stages of the work, and will communicate any delays immediately to our client for resolution.

Once the Quote is Accepted, What Next? Once you have accepted the estimate and are ready to move forward with the work, we begin scheduling and material ordering. In most cases we can have the material to site within 2-3 days, and our technician(s) arrive the following day to begin working. In short, we can typically begin work the same week that your request is received.

What Are Your Terms? The terms are explicitly described in the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section of the estimate, but in short, we bill out actual time and material once the work is completed, and payment is expected on NET30 terms.

My Quote States That the ‘Amount Exceeds The Maximum Threshold for No Draw Scheduling’, What Does This Mean? Our standard procedure for scheduling dictates that the estimated amount can’t exceed a certain threshold for us to begin work on a site. If it does, then we require a ‘Draw’, or up front percentage of payment prior to scheduling, ordering materials or beginning the work. Similar¬†to a ‘Deposit’ , this up front payment simply provides support for immediate scheduling, and is discounted in its entirety from the final billing amount.